Who We Are

Company Information

Safemark software is a specialized unit committed to the development of investigations, Intelligence, reporting and Ethics management applications and solutions.  This unit provides innovative standalone and hosted solutions developed using the latest technologies and techniques for law enforcement, government agencies, corporations, consultancies and law firms worldwide.

Take the Stress out of Ethics and Compliance

Our software simplifies the process of tracking and managing ethics and compliance investigations giving you the reporting tools you need to get on with the job of preventing violations.  With iEMS, users can input information from anywhere at any time, keeping investigations moving swiftly and reminders and alerts that ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Integrated Ethics Management System

This application enables organizations manage an ethics infrastructure and maintain all the data and information generated by compliance testing.  The system offers a powerful, fully integrated environment designed to enable organizations manage all aspects of reporting, compliance testing and ethics management.  Some of the features of the application include:-

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